Scholarship applications with Reachmee

Last changed: 10 November 2022

As of 2019, all scholarship applications must be submitted digitally through Reachmee.

Select the fund from which you want to apply for a scholarship. Click on "Ansök" to view the application form. You can apply for scholarships from several funds; however, you must submit one application per fund.

After clicking on "Ansök", you first need to create a Reachmee account.
Many questions are compulsory. If the question is not relevant to your application, enter NA in the text field.

Compulsory attached documents must be in pdf format.

If you cannot find a text field that corresponds to the information you wish to enter, enter it in the field "Övrig information".

You can save your application and return several times before submitting it.

If you want to change your application after submitting it, use the fund application button; click on "Redigera", make the changes, save, and submit again.

Make sure you enter the correct SLU email address in the system – otherwise, important emails may end up in your spam folder. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email to the address you entered.

Incomplete applications will not be processed. Therefore, it is important that you enter all the requested information.