The August T Larsson's Guest Researcher Programme

Last changed: 05 July 2024
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The programme is to promote exciting and important research collaborations by inviting guest researchers from all over the world to enrich and be enriched by the activities at the NJ faculty and SLU.

The NJ faculty's departments and units are invited to submit proposals for new visiting researchers when calls are announced. The proposals are prepared by a committee and the Dean makes the decision.

The purpose of the August T Larsson Foundation Guest Researcher initiative is to engage guest researchers within strategically important and prioritised fields at the Faculty. The aim of the program is not only to strengthen research, education and/or environmental monitoring and assessment but also to expand the university's interface with other research environments.

The programme enables guest researchers to spend short periods at the faculty (one month per term) over three years. Guest researchers will receive funding to cover their salary, travel expenses and accommodations, as well as for journeys between SLU's regional centres and for a fellow member of their team to visit SLU ("tag-along"). 

The August Teodor Larsson Foundation was founded on 14 January 1956 "for lasting promotion of scientific research in agriculture". In 2004 the Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences was given the right to receive the annual income from the Foundation, and on 13 April 2011 decided to establish a national and international researcher exchange programme.

Current announcement spring 2024

You can apply until 23 August.

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Application form

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