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2024-04 Sara H eng

Insights from this year's discussions with the departments During the spring, the faculty management has held operational and quality dialogues with NJ's departments, focusing on research and

Diss Tord Ranheim Sveen

Transient landscapes, changing ecosystems Microbial implications of land-use change across spatiotemporal scales charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Tord Ranheim Sveen defends his thesis "Transient

Newly launched Restore4More project seeks to contribute knowledge to guide and scale rangeland restoration in East Africa

The newly launched Restore4More project seeks to contribute knowledge to guide and scale rangeland restoration in East Africa. ”Water and transhumance are often overlooked in restoration research

Ylva Bellander

ylva.bellander@slu.se I am a PhD-student in the Soil chemistry research group, focused on mass balances of cadmium in agricultural soil. I'm interested in how cadmium moves in the soil-plant system

Cultivar mixtures may reduce aphid problems in the future

Aphids are causing problems for agriculture worldwide and there is a great need to find alternatives to chemical pesticides. Sokha Kheam's thesis shows that it may be possible to reduce infestations

Efter 40 år: ny forskning om vattenkraftens påverkan på reglerade sjöar

Most of the larger lakes in northern Sweden (Norrland) are regulated lakes or power plant reservoirs. They are crucial for Sweden's electricity production, but also heavily influenced by hydropower.

One Health Day 2024

Save the date! One Health Day 2024 futureonehealth@slu.se On 15 October, SLU Future One Health will host a One Health Day event. Are you interested in interdisciplinary research and working methods

Alberto Celma

alberto.celma.tirado@slu.se I am a researcher in Organic Environmental Chemistry focused on the development of new analytical tools for the monitoring of organic micropollutants in the aquatic

Diss Elin Alexandersson

Reducing signal interference in complex NMR spectra Characterization and quantification of metabolites in mixtures charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Elin Alexandersson defends her thesis "Reducing signal

Diss Ebba Perman

Challenges associated with high-solid anaerobic digestion - Down-scaling, plug-flow behaviour and ammonia inhibition charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Ebba Perman defends her thesis "Challenges associated

Maria Kahlert

maria.kahlert@slu.se Research on Freshwater benthic algae: Biodiversity, regulation by environmental factors, algae as biomonitors in lakes and streams, harmonization of methods. Director of study:

Appointment as docent at the NJ-Faculty

Being appointed docent at SLU is a step in the academic career and proof that the person has developed their academic expertise after being awarded their doctoral degree and that these skills are of