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Örjan Östman, aquatic ecology

Örjan Östman is an external collaboration specialist in aquatic ecology with focus on ecosystem-based fish management. In my research, I want to work together with other stakeholders to develop

Velemir Ninkovic, plant protection

Velemir Ninkovic is an expert on plant protection with emphasis on integrated pest management in agriculture.

Mats Söderström, precision agriculture

Mats Söderström is an expert on precision agriculture where you use satellite positioning, sensors, digital soil mapping, satellite images, and geographical information systems to adapt cultivation

Jens Sundström, biotechnology

Jens Sundström is an expert on biotechnology with focus on gene technology. I can contribute to reinforce SLU's active and leading position in developing a sustainable agriculture and forestry. My

Ingrid Wesström, soil physics

Ingrid Wesström is an expert on water management in the agricultural landscape. More information at the Swedish page.

Helena Aronsson, soil and environment

Helena Aronsson is an expert on soil and environment. Good nutrient management on a farm is the key for efficient production with low negative environmental impact. In collaboration with stakeholders

Eva Forsgren, apiculture

Eva Forsgren is an expert on apiculture and bee health. In my work as an extension specialist in apiculture I want to contribute to the dissemination of scientific knowledge to beekeepers and the

Anna Schnürer, bioenergy

Anna Schnürer is an expert on bioenergy, especially on biogas with specific focus on process microbiology. Through my research and teaching, and together with societal stakeholders, I will contribute

Anneli Lundqvist, plant production

Anneli Lundqvist, plant production

Anneli Lundqvist is an expert on plant production, especially on weed control.

Ali Moazzami, food quality

Ali Moazzami, food quality

Ali Moazzami is an expert on food quality.

Helena Hansson

Helena Hansson

Professor of Agricultural and Food Economics Helena Hansson is professor of Agricultural and Food Economics since 2018. Helena has so far focused on farm management, farmer decision-making and the

Libère Nkurunziza

Libère Nkurunziza

L. Nkurunziza is a researcher with interests on farming and food systems. Nkurunziza's research emphasizes the evaluation and improvement of sustainable agricultural production systems to meet the