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Volkmar Passoth

Volkmar Passoth

volkmar I am mainly working on physiology, genetics and biotechnology of non-conventional yeasts. My group is working on oleaginous yeasts (as resource to sustainably produce biodiesel, food- and

Mikael Gudmundsson

Mikael Gudmundsson

mikaelg Gudmundsson, M.; Hansson, H.; Karkehabadi, S.; Larsson, A.; Stals, I.; Kim, S.; Sunux, S.; Fujdala, M.; Larenas, E.; Kaper, T.; Sandgren, M., Structural and functional studies of the

Education at Bachelor´s and Master´s level

Independent work at the NJ faculty Course evaluation guide - responsibilities and recommendation for implementation and follow-up

Environmental Communication and Management

Communication plays an important role in the facilitation of sustainable management of natural resources and environmental issues. In the ECM programme we learn how to understand communication

Sustainable Development

Human activities affect and are affected by natural resources in many ways. Do you want to learn more about sustainable development in natural and social contexts? The programme Sustainable

Rural Development and Natural Resource Management

Why is it so difficult to collectively organise sustainable fishing in lake Chilwa in Malawi? What are the basic ideas of development policies of the European Union and the World Bank? There is a

Environmental Economics and Management

How do we find solutions to the world´s growing environmental problems? Would you like a career dealing with environmental issues in national or international businesses? We are increassingly aware


How can a European perspective contribute to better understanding and management of our environment? Please note, to make SLU your home university you must submit an application both through the

PhD forum in Alnarp

PhD forum in Alnarp Welcome to a forum open for all PhD students at the NJ and LTV faculties with Landscape architecture as main subject. During the last semester, spring 2018, a seminar

Diss Åsa Löv

Diss Åsa Löv

New insights into solubility control mechanisms and the role of particle and collodial facilitated transport of metals in contaminated soils Åsa Löv defends her thesis

Horizon 2020 Proposal Writing Course

Horizon 2020 Proposal Writing Course The Grants Office have invited Enspire Science to deliver a workshop on preparing Horizon 2020 proposals, at the Alnarp campus on Tuesday October 30th. We encourage

Hearing with the candidates

Hearing with the candidates

Hearing with the candidates to the Faculty Board 2019-2021 The election to the faculty board is held 5th to 13th of November. On November 7 a hearing will be held with the