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Last changed: 10 April 2024

This page contains information about booking business travel. All travel must be booked through the procured travel agency.


SLU's employees are increasingly opting to travel by train for international business trips within Europe. To facilitate such train bookings, SLU has entered into an agreement with a supplementary travel agency that specialises in international rail travel.

SLU staff must still contact the Stureplan travel agency who will pass on the request when necessary. The agreement is in place starting on 1 October 2023.


Contact the travel agency

Personalised service 

Travel should be booked using the online system

Telephone business travel: +46 8 6612500
Telephone, online support: +46 8 52257000
Telephone, groups and conferences: +46 8 6615800

Email, business travel:
Email, online support:
Email, groups and conferences:
Email, finance/invoice:

Office hours (weekdays), business travel: 08:00–17:00
Office hours (weekdays), groups and conferences: 08:30–17:00
Out of hours service +46 8 6612500, select option 1 to be connected (or call the direct line on +46 770 456462) (additional fees charged).

Instructions for booking your business trip

  • An instruction video is available on SLU Play:
    Swedish version
    English version

  • You can download the Cytric Mobile App® for phones, tablets and smartwatches. Use the app to book trains, flights and hotels.
    iPhone and iPad users can download the Cytric Mobile App® app from the Apple Store and Android users can download the app from Google Play.

SLU has an agreement with the travel agency Stureplans Resor travel. SLU employees have access to their online booking system, Stureplans Online (Cytric). You can either book the trip yourself or use their personalised service. To log in, click the green button above. 

Traveller profile

Your traveller profile must be up to date or you will be unable to book trips.

To be able to receive your tickets, your profile must contain the correct mobile phone number starting with +46. The FAQ section has instructions on how to update your profile.
NB: the name on your traveller profile match the name in your passport.

Your profile must contain:

  • your full name; 
  • your mobile phone number;
  • your SLU email;
  • your invoice reference;
  • your security question and answer.

You can access your traveller profile via Stureplans Online. You must ensure your profile is kept up to date.

The personal security question is compulsory and must be registered on your profile by 1 May 2023. You will not be able to book travel without one.

As part of SLU’s work with increasing security, we have introduced a personal security question that you will need to answer when contacting our travel agency by phone. You can set up the question in your traveller profile in the online booking system.

You will need to log on to your account and complete the question and answer in your traveller profile. Enter a short question and answer, then click save. Make sure to choose a question that are easy to remember and only you know the answer to.

You will be asked to answer this question when you call Stureplans Online


About Stureplans Resor

  • Stureplans Resor is a privately owned travel agency based in Stockholm. It was founded in 1980.
  • Stureplans Resor is covered by the Travel Guarantee Act, meaning there is a guarantee with Kammarkollegiet that protects travellers. They are also a member of the Swedish Travel Agency Association (SRF) and are IATA accredited.
  • Statistics and passenger tracing information will be generated for travel booked via Stureplans Online.


For questions related to your travel and the online booking system, contact

For questions related to your travel invoice, contact

For questions related to the environment and climate compensation, contact

To update your authorisation to book travel on behalf of others, contact

For help with the online booking system, please read the FAQs and the manual in the online system under Services.