Last changed: 10 November 2023

SLU collaborates with higher education institutions around the world. Our work with internationalisation includes exchanges for staff and students, research collaborations, shared subject-centred projects, internationalisation of courses and programmes, integrating Agenda 2030 and participating in international networks and projects.

Support with your work

As an SLU employee, you will no doubt encounter internationalisation. This page contains links to information that can help you in your work with internationalisation.

Responsible internationalisation

Incoming staff and employees stationed abroad

Incoming staff

SLU employees stationed abroad

As a public authority, the law prohibits SLU from employing a person who lives abroad. People working abroad as part of a URA agreement are exempt from this rule.  

Staff with HR management roles

Resources for international collaborations and exchanges

Financing opportunities for research and mobility

Links to funding bodies

Network for research and education collaborations

The Nordics and Baltics



Internal networks at SLU

  • Global network for staff and doctoral students at SLU
    This network is open to all SLU staff and doctoral students who are involved with or interested in collaborating with low-income countries. The network is coordinated by SLU Global, a unit at the Vice-Chancellor's Office. SLU Global supports the university’s work with global development to contribute to Agenda

Student mobility

Internationalisation of courses and programmes

Support with the work to integrate international and intercultural elements into curricula, teaching contexts and support services (‘internationalisation at home’):

Professional development and networks

Internationalisation of curricula

Internationalisation of curricula (IoC) is a concept within higher education that aims to ensure high-quality education that is both inclusive and fair. 

Karolinska Institutet provides a good description of IoC on their website: What is internationalisation of curricula (IoC)?

Would you like to internationalise your course or programme, or begin the IoC process?

Contact Natalie Jellinek,, Educational Development Officer at the Division of Learning, Media and Digitalisation

More information

If you would like to read more, you can access additional information and links here: Internationalisation at home and IoC


Ylva Hillbur is pro vice-chancellor responsible for international relations.