Scholarship holders

Last changed: 16 May 2023

Below information regards scholarship holders on tax free scholarship. The person will not be employed by SLU. See more information in Guidelines for scholarship holders

Residence permit

For scholarship holders, the Hosting Agreement is used in the application to the Swedish Migration Agency. SLU will help with the permit application. Information on how to apply can be found here.

Information template

Scholarship holders will not receive an employment decision from SLU. Instead, an SLU joint information template is available, where the conditions for the scholarship holder can be specified jointly by the individual and the University. The template can be found here.  

Please not that scholarship must be intended for the persons education to be tax-free, and not to be considered as work. Scholarship should not either be paid regularly for more than two years to be tax-free. It is therefore important that above template is not perceived as a contract. This can be clarified in the template.


Scholarship holders are covered by the insurance for foreign visitors through the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet). More information about the insurance can be found on this page.

Specifically, see Insurance for foreign visitors under the “Insurance for employees” tab, and Scholarship holders (doctoral students and postdoctoral students) under the “Insurance for students, doctoral students and scholarship holders” tab.


Scholarship holders should receive employee benefits that are tax-free for employed staff. These include a wellness allowance of SEK 2,000/year (subject to the same conditions as for other employees in terms of activities approved by the Swedish Tax Agency, period of employment, and percentage of full-time employment), entitlement to a Christmas present, and computer glasses. These benefits are tax-free under the rules of the Swedish Tax Agency. Reimbursement is paid upon submission of a receipt to the finance officer/HR administrator at the department for payment directly through Proceedo. The department covers the cost. If the tax-free benefits are not to be reimbursed, this should be made clear in the joint information template as specified above.


Working hours and leave should be specified in the joint information template. The recommendation is to use the same calculation of days off based on the individual’s age as used for SLU employees.

Intellectual property rights

For information on intellectual property rights, see SLU’s Policy.


Introduction once the individual is on site is handled by the department. See the Staff Web for support in the local introduction (however, the introduction should be adapted based on the fact that the individual is not employed by SLU). 

Information about moving to and living in Sweden can be sent to scholarship holders prior to their arrival in Sweden. You can find many website about this online, one example can be found here.

NOTE: Before the individual arrives, remember to inform other parts of the department (e.g. HR, Accounting and IT) that a scholarship holder will soon arrive, so that all administrative preparations can be made well in advance of arrival.


It is important to provide the scholarship holder with information on where to start looking for accommodation before arrival in Sweden. More information on where to look for accommodation can be found here.


Information template - scholarship holder