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SLU is currently working towards obtaining environmental certification. Our activities affect the environment directly through our use of resources, travel, emissions etc. However, we can also influence the environment indirectly through our unique expertise in the area.


Environmental policy

SLU’s environmental policy was adopted in 2011. There you can read the following:

"SLU contributes to an ecological, social and financial sustainable development.

Environmental thinking and environmental aspects are integrated in all decision-making and are part of all activities within SLU’s organisational units.

The environmental work at SLU is a long-term process which builds on continuous improvement and is based on the environmental regulations in force." 


The ‘bike-friendly workplace’

At SLU’s Campus Ultuna, we want to reduce the negative impact on the environment caused by our travel. We are doing this by encouraging and facilitating travel to/from work by bike, and by making it possible to use a bike for work-related travel on and Close to campus.

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Education for sustainable development; course leaders

Sustainable development and education for sustainable development are complex concepts with local, global, scientific and political aspects. In this workshop, we work with the planning of learning activities that can be used in education for sustainable development.

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