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Last changed: 04 November 2021
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SciFest is a science festival where curious people of all ages can get a taste of research and its applications in all fields of science. SciFest offers a unique opportunity for you as a researcher to awaken young people's curiosity and create a desire to understand and find out more.

Uppsala University and SLU will arrange SciFest in Fyrishov, Uppsala, 10-12 March 2022. Before the pandemic, the science festival had about 8,500 visitors each year.

A lot of curious people

The aim of SciFest is to awaken young people's curiosity and create a desire to understand and find out more - hopefully some of them are future students at Uppsala University or SLU. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to meet people from outside academia - meetings that will give you both energy and new ideas. It is a really good way for universities to contribute to society. Many research groups return to the festival year after year.

Create an interesting activity - SciFest will help you

Participation builds on enthusiastic researchers and doctoral students, an interesting activity and something that will attract people to your stand. Think about how you can present your research with the help of games, experiments, quizzes, competitions or other activities where visitors can touch, smell, listen and experience. How can the visitors contribute? Maybe they can make/build something or vote on something?

The SciFest organisers are happy to discuss your ideas and you can also participate in our workshops for help to develop your activity. The workshops at Gustavianum are led by museum Educators.

Register before 1 December

Information and registration on SciFest web site

Ther you will also find information about a digital meeting 9 November and workshops at the museum Gustavianum 16 November and 20 January.


You are always welcome to contact Anna Lundmark to discuss ideas or ask questions!

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