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Last changed: 21 October 2019

SciFest is a science festival where curious people of all ages can try and get a taste of research and its applications in all fields of science. SciFest offers a unique opportunity for you as a researcher to awaken young people's curiosity and desire to understand and find out more.

SciFest's core is to offer a wide range of try-and-go activities in the form of workshops and drop-in activities. Visitors should be curious about science and want to learn more.

The purpose of SciFest

The purpose of SciFest is to get young people to ask the big questions, to take part in the latest research, to test themselves and to discover how fun and interesting science is.

Many of the participants are students, young researchers and innovators who can more easily help inspire other young people.

SciFest 2020

SciFest will be held in Fyrishov's Multihallar 5-7 March 2020.
Last year, the number of visitors reached 8600, of which 4800 were on Saturday.

The festival's main target group is young and the first two days are dedicated to booked middle, high school and high school classes. The third day is open to the public.

Interest registration is open
Deadline: Dec 10, 2019

Come and participate!

You are most welcome to come and inspire with your research!

Exhibitors can choose between arranging a bookable workshop or a non-bookable activity going on non-stop.

The bookable workshop is divided into bookable time slots on Thursday and Friday, while Saturday consists of spontaneous visits.

How a workshop is organized is up to you. One recommendation is not to have shorter workshops than 30 minutes, and maybe no longer than 45 minutes. Since SciFest is aimed at a younger target group, we recommend that at least one person in the exhibition can speak Swedish.

The mounting surface is 25 sqm (5 x 5 m). Tables, chairs, electricity, lighting and wi-fi are included.

Participation is free of charge.

How do I register to participate?

Participating as an exhibitor at SciFest is usually very fun and rewarding!

Interest registration is open

Nov 7
Exhibitor workshop. Here you can get help concretising your ideas and creating a layout for your activity. Registration for workshop on November 7.

10 dec
Final notification - information text with description of activity is entered in the booking system. It is this text that will be in the program. Link to the booking system will come later.

Jan 14
Exhibitor workshop. Fine-tuning your ideas. How to think when planning your exhibition? How do you best meet your target audience? Registration for workshop on 14 January.

Feb 11
Teacher Night. Exhibitors have the opportunity to participate and show their research / activities to teachers. The teachers are invited to a lecture by Keri Facer, holder of Zennström's guest professorship in climate leadership.

March 4
A truck picks up your material on Campus during the day and transports to Fyrishov. You can prepare your booths from approx. 15.30.

March 5-7
SciFest !!! School days: March 5-6, Public: March 7
When SciFest closes at 16 you gather your material and a truck will drive your material back to campus.


Tomas Linder, Associate professor (docent)
Department of Molecular Sciences, Uppsala BioCenter, SLU   018-67 32 04

Rebecca Rikner, Event coordinator
Department of Communication, SLU    018-67 24 01   072-21 23 795

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