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Here is a list of web pages, including news and events, that are related to research at SLU.

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Petra Marhava receives the SPPS Early Career Prize

The Scandinavian Plant Physiology Society (SPPS) awards Petra Marhava with the SPPS Early Career Prize. The prize recognises her progress and contributions to plant biology over the past few years

Diss Tord Ranheim Sveen

Transient landscapes, changing ecosystems Microbial implications of land-use change across spatiotemporal scales charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Tord Ranheim Sveen defends his thesis "Transient

Dissertation Felix Barbut

Unraveling the Role of Xylan in the Integrity of Secondary Cell Walls : insights from Arabidopsis and Aspen charlotta.bergstrom@slu.se Félix Barbut defends his thesis "Unraveling the Role of Xylan

Dissertation Xiao Hu

Transitioning to A Sustainable Society : essays in Environmental and Urban Economics charlotta.bergstrom@slu.se Xiao Hu defends her thesis "Transitioning to A Sustainable Society : essays in

Meet GO - Marianne Gillion

Marianne Gillion joined the SLU Grants Office as a Research Coordinator in April 2024. She comes to us from the world of social sciences, humanities, and musicology! Hej Marianne! Tell us a bit about

Diss Elin Alexandersson

Reducing signal interference in complex NMR spectra Characterization and quantification of metabolites in mixtures charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Elin Alexandersson defends her thesis "Reducing signal

Diss Ebba Perman

Challenges associated with high-solid anaerobic digestion - Down-scaling, plug-flow behaviour and ammonia inhibition charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Ebba Perman defends her thesis "Challenges associated

Diss Johan Lundblad

Exploring facial expressions in horses - biological and methodological approaches sofia.webering.ekberg@slu.se Johan Lundblad defends his thesis: Exploring facial expressions in horses - biological

New genetic discoveries could enhance rainforest restoration

In a recent study, researchers in Borneo explored how climate affects evolution of tropical tree species. The results showed that genetic variation in tree performance was related to the origin of

Dissertation Kristina Berggren Nieto

Enhancing spruce defence against an insect pest : effects of somatic embryogenesis and methyl jasmonate treatment charlotta.bergstrom@slu.se Kristina Berggren Nieto defends her thesis "Enhancing

Coastal perspectiuves

Coastal Perspectives – an exhibition on the challenges and possibilities in the ever-changing coastal landscapes anni.hoffren@slu.se Opening of the exhibition Coastal Perspectives at the Pufendorf

Diss Rafaelle Reumaux

Constraints and opportunities for organic crop production in areas of high agricultural productivity charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Rafaelle Reumaux defends her thesis "Constraints and opportunities