Our staff values

Last changed: 10 April 2024

Staff at SLU

  • see their own role and their tasks in relation to SLU as a whole
  • are aware of and contribute to SLU’s vision and mission
  • take responsibility for their decisions and actions
  • are loyal to agreements and decisions
  • focus on solutions and possibilities rather than problems
  • are open to and contribute to new ideas, change and development
  • are fellow human beings who see, care about and help each other
  • treat others with respect and embrace diversity
  • are honest and can give straight and constructive feedback
  • are cooperative and a part of the group
  • actively contribute to a pleasant and friendly workplace

Management values

SLU also has a policy for management values. It describes SLU’s fundamental view on leadership which SLU’s management (vice-chancellor and Management Group) use to characterise management at the university. 


HR specialists
HR Unit, Division of Human Resources