SLU's leadership concept

Last changed: 02 January 2024

Our leadership concept expresses the fundamental approach to leadership that SLU management (the Vice-Chancellor and the Management Council) wish to see permeate/characterise leadership at SLU.

The leadership concept has evolved as a result of group interviews in conjunction with a needs survey intended to identify the skills required of leaders. In other words, the content of the leadership concept originates in SLU's leaders' own idea of what should typify a leader at SLU.

Leaders at SLU

  • Pay attention to needs and events in the world around them, and have an ability to see operations and activities in a wider context.

  • Strive to achieve coordination and establish contacts for successful activities and achievement of goals.

  • Formulate common goals on the basis of the University's mission, see the "big picture" and keep strategic orientation alive.

  • Balance the task of leadership with academic freedom, and establish internal rules and procedures; also define roles and responsibilities in consultation with colleagues.

  • Create a structure for creativity, effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Foster a working environment characterised by openness, diversity, challenges and playfulness.

  • Highlight best practices and positive subjects in day-to-day activities.

  • Find pleasure and commitment in leadership and strive for sustainability and balance in life.

  • Find their own personal way of leading and are secure in their role as leader.


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