Distinguished university teacher

Last changed: 30 August 2021

The application round for the academic year 21/22 will close on 15 November 2021. Applications should be submitted using ReachMee.

'Distinguished university teacher' is an SLU title awarded as an important part of our quality enhancement activities in teaching and educational development. This title is an opportunity for the university to reward and draw attention to particularly skilled and pedagogically aware teachers.

Those appointed distinguished university teacher will receive a salary increment corresponding to that awarded upon appointment as a docent.

Teachers awarded this title are expected to take an active part in quality enhancement activities for their subject field and the university as a whole.

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Eligibility requirements

Those eligible to be appointed distinguished university teacher are teachers employed at SLU for an indefinite period (lecturers, senior lecturers and professors) or other staff employed for an indefinite period with the equivalent competence and tasks.

NB. Instructions for applicants can be found at the bottom of the page.

To be appointed distinguished university teacher at SLU, the applicant needs to demonstrate broad teaching expertise. To be awarded the title of distinguished university teacher, the applicant needs to demonstrate expertise in the five areas described below. In other words, it is possible for a teacher to be highly skilled but still not fulfil all the requirements and criteria to be appointed distinguished university teacher.

Criteria for the award of the title distinguished university teacher:

  • Teaching expertise
  • Scientific and developmental approach
  • Collaboration with colleagues and pedagogical leadership
  • Holistic approach and collaboration within the university and with society
  • Critical grounding in the subject

Application and supporting documents

Applications must be submitted using ReachMee. An application consists of the following sections:

Section A: CV listing the content and scope of teaching experience plus a maximum of two pages on research and other activities; postal address for correspondence with Nex should be clearly stated. Any clarifying and supporting documents should be compiled in section DII.

Section B: Contact details for references; certificate of a completed workshop on teaching and learning in higher education or equivalent, on how to create an educational qualifications portfolio (no certificate needed if the workshop was held at SLU).

Section C: List of training in teaching and learning in higher education, with certified copies of certificates. The scope of each course, converted to the number of weeks, must be indicated.

Section D:

  1. Educational qualifications portfolio, 15 pages max.     
  2. Numbered annexes showing the educational qualifications that the applicant wishes to refer to. Any teaching material the applicant wishes to refer to and which cannot be presented as hardcopies must be electronically available (e.g. a public web page).

Instructions for applicants can be found at the bottom of the page.

The Unit for Educational Development (EPU) offers training on writing an educational qualifications portfolio.

Board for the Appointment of Distinguished University Teachers, Nex

The Board for the Appointment of Distinguished University Teachers arranges at least one application round annually. The board assesses the applications with regard to the applicant’s eligibility and the completeness of the application. Applications that fulfil the criteria for eligibility and completeness are then submitted for expert assessment and the applicant is invited to an interview.

On completion of their assessment, the board will submit proposals to the vice-chancellor for decision. Applicants whose application is rejected will receive a written justification from Nex.

The members of Nex are appointed by the vice-chancellor. The Joint Committee of Student Unions at SLU appoints the student representatives.

Instructions for applicants

Instructions for employees who wish to apply to be appointed distinguished teacher.

Apply in ReachMee

Submit your application in ReachMee.


Members of Nex

Regular members

Göran Hartman, chair
Jörg Brunet, S Faculty
Helene Hamlin, VH Faculty
Salla Marttila, LTV Faculty
Folke Sitbon, NJ Faculty
Marie Peterson, student representative, Sluss


Åsa Bensch, LTV Faculty
Anders Dahlberg, S Faculty
Elisabeth Persson, VH Faculty
Gulaim Seisenbaeva, NJ Faculty