Career grants for researchers

Last changed: 02 February 2024

In 2016, SLU introduced career grants for prominent researchers. The purpose is give recognition and support to individuals who perform particularly well in research.

From 2021, grants will be awarded to researchers who have completed a doctoral degree at least 4 and at most 10 years before the date on which the grant is received. Announcements are made every two years. Career grants for senior researchers will no longer be awarded.

The career grant is intended to facilitate the recipients’ development of independent research and their further qualification. It also encourages increased risk-taking in research. Recipients will participate in a specially designed career development programme.

The grants are distributed by the vice-chancellor after a process involving proposals from heads of department followed by selection made by the faculties.

The SLU initiative on career grants has been evaluated in 2023 by an external reviewer. The SLU management will take a position on the recommendations of the evaluation during spring 2024 and subsequently decide on the timing for the upcoming call for applications.