Salary review 2023

Last changed: 20 February 2024

At SLU, a review of the employees' salaries, a salary audit, is carried out annually. The salary audit is done in collaboration between departments/equivalents and the HR-unit.

Here is information to take part in the salary audit process.

Common work between the parties

Inflation – will it affect?

Inflation is a factor that is often taken into account during negotiations on new central salary agreements and increases. Central parties also consider the fact that Sweden has a well-functioning salary-setting culture. However, public authorities do not take inflation into consideration when determining how they will use their budget to accommodate salary increases.

The current central government agreements started in 2020 and last for three years, ending in 2022. Therefore, no central negotiations will take place until 2023.

Why is the autumn salary review not influenced by Sweden’s rate of inflation?

Salaries are not increased to compensate for inflation, instead they are increased to stimulate organisational development and recruit and maintain skills.

The central agreements do not contain anything to support salary increases to compensate for inflation, nor is there anything in any of the central collective bargaining agreements. Furthermore, there are no individual guarantees.

Inflation is not a parameter for setting salaries, and it is not linked to why an employer pays salaries or chooses to increase them.
Employers set salaries based on other criteria, and these are based on performance that has contributed to attaining organisational goals, meeting the needs of the organisation, and skills provision. Hence, the rate of inflation in Sweden will have no direct influence on the autumn’s salary review.

Two review models

The salary reviewing process at SLU is a yearly occurrence and is carried out in two different ways. The salary of an employee is reviewed either through a process called salary-setting dialogues applies to members of the Saco-union, employees who are not members of a trade union and those members of OFR/ST who so wish or through traditional negotiations applies to members of and Seko and members of OFR/ST who prefer that their salary be decided through traditional negotiations. 

What does it mean of declaring yourself not in agreement

Saco members and members of OFR/ST who wish to take part in the salary-setting dialogue have the option of declaring themselves not in agreement with the proposal. The question of a new salary is then deferred to negotiations between Saco respectively OFR/ST and the salary setting manager and the Division of Human Resources. During the negotiation, it will be determined whether the assessment has been properly carried out and no formal mistakes have been made. What is reviewed is the proposed salary level, but is primarily the process and the conversations and the quality of the content of these.

Timetable 2023 (soon in English)


v 37-42          
Genomförande av lönesamtal (Seko och OFR/ST-medlemmar)

v 37-44          
Genomförande av lönesättandesamtal 1 och 2 (Saco, OFR/ST och oorganiserade)

Sista dag att registrera lönebud i Primula på medlemmar i OFR/ST med traditionell förhandling och medlemmar i Seko            


Sista dag för prefekt/motsv. att meddela oenigheter till HR-specialist och registrera resultat av lönesättande samtal i Primula

Förhandlingar Seko

Förhandlingar OFR/ST

Lönesättande chef informerar medarbetare om resultat från förhandling med Seko och OFR/ST

27/11, 29/11   
Oenighetsförhandlingar Saco

Lönesättande chef informerar medarbetare om resultat av oenighetsförhandling