Education for teachers and supervisors

Last changed: 09 September 2022

Every semester, EPU offers higher education pedagogical courses for teachers and supervisors at SLU. We offer everything from basic courses in how to teach, to more advanced courses in research supervision. We also have recurring lunch seminars and colloquia. Please, keep in mind that the prerequisite for our courses is the ‘Teaching in higher education, basic course’.

Course offerings

In order for you to plan, you are able to search among our listed courses at least one year in advance. If you have started a course at EPU without completing it, you are allowed to return and finish it within two years. Contact the EPU to set up a plan.

Take a look at our range of courses and workshops in order to find something that suits you. You are always welcome to suggest ideas and present needs for a new course.

Courses & seminars

How much do EPU courses cost?

For those of you who are employed at SLU, our courses cost 1300 / course week. However, our lunches, two-hours-workshops and colloquia are free.

Price excluding course literature:

  • Workshop, 2-3 days: SEK 1,000
  • Course, 1 week: SEK 1,300
  • Course, 2 weeks: SEK 2,600
  • Course, 3 weeks: SEK 3,900

University pedagogical courses in the docent application?

In total, you need 10 weeks of pedagogical training courses in order to apply for a becoming an associate professor.

First, you need a basic course (3 weeks),
then advanced courses (a total of 4 weeks) and
finally, a Doctoral supervision course (3 weeks).

University pedagogy courses offered at Swedish university pedagogy departments can always be included. If you have a foreign education in teaching in higher education, you might need make up assignments. In this case, get in touch with us to find out more.

Here you can read more about how to apply for a docent (associate professor) at SLU:


In our FAQ, we answer the most common questions about the college pedagogical activities at SLU.