Educational organisation

Last changed: 07 November 2023

SLU's organisation comprises a number of bodies that work with issues relating to education at Bachelor's and Master's level.

Board of Education

Board of Education (UN)

Programme boards

Programme board LTV Faculty (PN-LTV)

Programme board NJ Faculty (PN-NJ)

Programme board S Faculty (PN-S)

Programme board VH Faculty (PN-VH)

Other university-wide bodies

There are other university-wide bodies that are relevant to education at Bachelor's and Master's level:

Read more about the duties of councils and boards in the vice-chancellor's delegation of authority.

Programme directors of studies

Programme directors of studies are given common tasks by the vice-chancellor, but are appointed by the programme board that is responsible for the respective programme. Read more about the general conditions that apply to programme directors of studies.

Students' unions

The students' unions are independent of the university, but play a key role in operations development, particularly within the disciplinary domain. Sluss (Joint Committee of Student Unions at SLU) is a collaborative body for the students' unions at SLU. Read more about the students' unions and Sluss.