Education for sustainable development; course leaders

Last changed: 24 August 2020


SLU has an ambitious environmental policy. The vision is that the SLU profile also largely be reflected in the activities. SLU, with its unique competences and responsibilities has a great opportunity to influence the sustainable development of society. This is through the education of students, the high reputation of the university research as well as practical and concrete by setting a good example. SLU has in the university’s education today, many courses and programs related to sustainable development. The purpose of this decision is to ensure that all programs raises the question of sustainable development in a systematic way and take into account the whole breadth of the term which includes social, economic and environmental aspects. (“Rektorsbeslut” 16 February 2015 DNR: SLU 2014-1.1.3 -5223) 

Purpose of the workshop 

Sustainable development and education for sustainable development are complex concepts with local, global, scientific and political aspects. In this workshop, we work with the planning of learning activities that can be used in education for sustainable development. The three basic questions we ask are: What do you teach about? How do you teach? How do you treat your students? 
Target group 
The target group of this course are the course leaders at SLU. At the end of 2017, at least 75% of those should have taken the training (Rektorsbeslutet)

Learning outcomes 

After the completion of the workshop the student is expected to be able to:

    • Define sustainable development in the context of education.
    • Define education for sustainable development (ESD)
    • Investigate, identify and visualize existing and possible elements of sustainable development in their own course.
    • Discuss and evaluate methods to implement ESD in their own course.
    • Suggest possible educational methods that would strengthen ESD


This course corresponds to 2 days of full-time work.
The workshop is carried out during one day 09.00 - 16.00


Cost for this course: 1000 kr

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