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Interactive media and web

Interactive media is all about the user interaction with the Web and the content changes depending on what the user is doing. This may involve simulations, cases in which the user controls the flow, quizzes where you get direct feedback, game-like simulations or learning modules where facts are mixed with exercises. You can also mix different types of media to enhance learning. Photos and text mixed with audio, video, animations or music.   Educational Media has extensive experience in producing advanced media for the web.


An case from Epiwebb, a web-based platform for information about the epizootiology diseases in collaboration with SVA, Livsmedelsverket och Jordbruksverket.

Slot machine

Interactive exercise. Creating random combinations.


Interactive exercise.


Guess the song of birds. (requires Adobe Flash player)

Ethological studies

This tool was developed to prepare the students for making real ethnological studies. They get this practice in a simulated environment and can see its results.

Plant growth simulation

This tool stimulates the growth of plants. The user can, by modifying the nutrient and water supply regulate growth. A real trial would have taken several weeks in a carefully controlled climate chamber.

Educational Media


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