Framework for education

Last changed: 06 March 2024

SLU interprets and applies the legislation in its internal governing documents, which contain objectives, rules and guidelines.

Higher education in Sweden is governed by laws and ordinances. The rules and guidelines that are most relevant to teachers and students are given in the regulations for education.

Delegations of authority describe how responsibility and authority are distributed between the various bodies that are responsible for governing education. There are also a number of education-related decisions taken by the vice-chancellor, the university board and the board of education. 

SLU's highest decision-making body on issues relating solely to education is the Board of Education. The board has strategic responsibility for education at SLU, makes decisions, delegates tasks to the programme boards and submits proposals to the vice-chancellor and the university board. SLU's educational organisation also includes programme boards, joint councils and programme directors of studies.

Decisions on the courses and programmes offered affect both degree programmes and courses. The financial framework for courses and programmes is decided through the allocation of direct government funding, for SLU as a whole and for each faculty and the university administration.