Last changed: 05 March 2024

The unit for Educational Development works to develop education and learning at SLU. We do this by, among other things, training university teachers, supporting program and course development. We are available for advice and support to individual teachers and strive to build a wide range competence within SLU in the field of teaching in higher education.

In this work, it is a great asset that we are well established in both regional and national networks and that we collaborate with other universities both in Sweden and internationally.

Some examples of collaborations and networks 

SWEDNET - The Swedish Network for Educational Development in Higher Education

Through the collaboration within SWEDNET, EPU has a wide network of contacts with other pedagogical development units, individual pedagogical developers and researchers in the field of teaching and learning. SWEDNET arranges an annual development conference; provides training in collaboration with various universities, e.g. "National course for pedagogical experts" (2 weeks) and "Working strategically with higher education pedagogical development" (5 weeks); provides seminars and webinars on current topics in the field of higher education. 

SWEDNET norr (north)

A subdivision of SWEDNET that works for cooperation between universities in northern Sweden. Some of the member universities are Umeå university, Luleå University of Technology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Mid Sweden University. 

PULS (pedagogical development within Universities of south Sweden)

Universities of south Sweden is a collaboration between Blekinge Institute of Technology, Halmstad University, Kristianstad University, Linnaeus University, Lund University, Malmö University and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The aim of Universities of south Sweden is to create a knowledge environment for higher education and research in southern Sweden. PULS is part of this collaboration and works for an exchange of knowledge and experience between pedagogical development units at the participating higher education institutions, but is also expressed in concrete activities. The educational units within PULS arranged e.g. the national development conference NU2016 together. 

SUUN - Stockholm – Uppsala University network

The network includes Stockholm School of Economics, Karolinska Institutet, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Uppsala University. The vision of the university network is to, through the combined research strength and quality of the education programs at the universities in the Stockholm - Uppsala region, take a position as one of the leading knowledge regions in the world.In addition to everyday close cooperation between the pedagogical units at the participating universities, the pedagogical units within SUUN have arranged e.g. meetings for the region's pedagogic developers, the national higher education pedagogic development conference NU2010 and the international higher education pedagogic research conference ICED2014.    

Högre utbildning (Higher Education) - Sweden's only scientific journal in the field of higher education

EPU has an employee who is active in the editorial board of Higher Education, which means that we at the unit have an overview of current research and development areas within the field of higher education in Sweden. Participation in the editorial work also means networking with researchers and developers who have a broad insight into changes and development taking place in the field.


ICED - The International Consortium for Educational Development

EPU is, via SWEDNET, a member of the consortium. An important part of ICEDs activities is the international research journal International Journal of Academic Development (IAD). Biennially ICED also arranges one of the largest international conferences on the topic of educational development in higher education. In 2014, EPU was a co-organizer of this conference together with other educational units within the SUUN network.