About the VMF PhD Council

Last changed: 26 October 2023

The VMF PhD Student Council handles questions about research and doctoral studies at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences.

The council represents the approximately 150 doctoral (PhD) and licentiate students in different committees and councils.

Council meetings

The council holds monthly meetings with the board, representatives of the departments and the representatives of the different committees and councils from the faculty and university level. The annual meeting is held annually at the beginning of the year. The monthly meetings and the annual meetings are open to all PhD students at the faculty.

Questions or problems?

The council is also a forum for discussion and meetings about questions related to research and doctoral studies. If you have questions or problems related to your PhD studies, you are welcome to contact a representative in the council. You can also contact the doctoral student ombudsman/counsellor.

You are always welcome to contact the council with ideas about how to improve or change the doctoral studies, or if you want to be involved in the council's work. Your opinion matters!


Chair of the VMF PhD Council:
Valeriia Ladyhina, valeriia.ladyhina(at)slu.se