Grading and Assessment

Last changed: 06 September 2021

The Course in Grading and Assessment is intended for all examiners at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and was first given during the Fall 2007 term. The course touches upon and presents various principles and points of view regarding the practice of grading and assessment. Furthermore, the course intends to give participants the knowledge and tools needed in order to successfully tackle the task of writing grading criteria for courses.

Main target group

The target group for this course includes instructors that have the responsibility to assess, "examinator" at SLU.

It is taught using distance learning technology and one face-to-face meeting/ workshop.

Aim of the course

The participants of this course develop knowledge and skills to obtain a platform to be able to work as examinators at SLU.


This course corresponds to 3 days of full-time work.


This course is taught in English. 


Cost for this course: 1000 kr

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