Last changed: 06 March 2024

The doctoral student applies for a degree to the Division of Educational Affairs at SLU with the help of Ladok for students.

At SLU, third level qualifications are named after the preceding qualification at first or second level. For example, someone who is a veterinarian can become "Doctor of Veterinary Medicine" and someone who is a civil engineer can become "Doctor of Technology". 

How do I know what degree to apply for?

Before sending in the application, the student must check that:

  • all courses have been completed and registered in Ladok (N.B. check with your department Ladok adminstrator that the "Alla kurser klara" function is reported);
  • details of an approved thesis/licentiate thesis and the date of the thesis defence/licentiate seminar have been registered in Ladok;
  • the title of the thesis/licentiate thesis is correct in Ladok. If the title is in Swedish, there must be an English translation.


Available degrees


  • Agronomie licentiatexamen/Degree of Licentiate of Agriculture
  • Filosofie licentiatexamen/Degree of Licentiate of Philosophy
  • Skoglig licentiatexamen/Degree of Licentiate of Forestry
  • Teknologie licentiatexamen/Degree of Licentiate of Technology
  • Veterinärmedicine licentiatexamen/Degree of Licentiate of Veterinary Medicine


  • Agronomie doktorsexamen/Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Agriculture
  • Filosofie doktorsexamen/Degree of Doctor of Philosophy
  • Skoglig doktorsexamen/Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Forestry
  • Teknologie doktorsexamen/Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Technology
  • Veterinärmedicine doktorsexamen/Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Veterinary Medicine

Doctoral award ceremony

When you have been awarded your doctorate, you can choose to participate in the doctoral award ceremony at the university.

After the degree


Degree Office  


Phone: 018-67 28 00

Phone hours
Monday 10-12 
Thursday 13-15

Postal address

Division of Educational Affairs  SLU
Box 7010 
750 07 UPPSALA