Sluss PhD Student Council

Last changed: 30 October 2023
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The SLUSS PhD Student Council (”SLUSS-DN” in Swedish) is an offshoot of SLUSS, which is the collaborative body for the student unions of SLU.

It is the central coordinating body for PhD student representation at SLU and considers issues relating to research, PhD education, and other issues affecting PhD students at SLU.
The SLUSS PhD Student Council monitors the interests of PhD students through representatives in the SLU Board, and other university common committees (see list below). The council also exchanges information and cooperates with representatives for PhD students at other universities and international bodies.

As a PhD student you are always welcome to contact the SLUSS PhD Council, or your faculty-specific PhD student council if you are interested in participating in its activities.

The council consists of a chairperson, one representative each from the four faculty PhD councils, the Doctoral student ombudsman (DO), a representative from SLUSS, and the representatives to the various committees and councils listed below.

PhD Faculty Councils

Committees, councils and networks were we have representation

  • FIR (SLU’s Council of Research Infrastructure/Rådet för forskningsinfrastruktur)
  • FOMAR (SLU’s Council of Environmental Monitoring and Assessment/Rådet för fortlöpande miljöanalys)
  • JLV (SLU’s Equal Opportunities and Gender Equality Council)
  • NOVA (NOVA University Network - The Nordic Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural University Network)
  • SLU-AK (SLU’s committee for working environment/SLU arbetsmiljökommitté)
  • Statistics@SLU (SLU center for statistics)

Are you interested in a position in a PhD council?

Getting engaged in a PhD council is not just important work to improve the PhD education at SLU, it is also fun and will give you valuable insights into how SLU functions. Additionally, it is an opportunity to boost your CV and provide you with valuable skills. All positions are entitled to prolongation, which means your PhD employment will be extended for the time you spend on council work.