Last changed: 13 October 2022

Here, you can find contact information to various functions within SLU when it concerns gender equality and equal opportunities.

Coordination group for gender equality and equal opportunities at SLU

The group coordinates the work on gender equality and equal opportunities within SLU.

  • Jenni Vahlström, Division of Human Resources
  • Tina Sjöström, Division of Planning
  • Ylva Eklind, Division of Educational Affairs

Gender equality and equal opportunities officers at the faculties

The JLV administrator supports the faculty management in the faculty-wide JLV work, and the department heads in the JLV work that takes place at the departmental level.

The JLV officer works in close collaboration with the faculty management in order to further the implementation of the faculty’s gender mainstreaming work.

NJ Faculty and VH Faculty: Malin Ekström,

LTV Faculty: Anna Tengstam,

S Faculty: Tina Sjöström,

HR specialist

The HR Specialist supports managers in the university administration in the JLV work, for example the systematic work to prevent discrimination.

They also provide support to managers in their investigation on suspicion of employees being subjected to harassment, sexual harassment or reprisals.

HR specialists

HR Unit, Division of Human Resources, SLU 

Legal Affairs Unit

The legal counsels support heads of department in investigations in the event of a suspicion of a student being subjected to harassment, sexual harassment or reprisals, and can receive a report from a student.

Lennart Jonsson,  phone 018-67 22 71

Anna Jarmar,  phone 018-67 22 75

Occupational health services/student health services

Occupational health services

Student health service at the respective location

Targeted study support coordinators

Contact details

The Equality Ombudsman