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In 2021, SLU is conducting a project to implement the Inspera system. Inspera is SLU's new system for handling digital examinations.


In 2021, an introduction project will be implemented, but it is possible (on a smaller scale) to conduct hall exams via the system. Contact tentamen@slu.se

To begin with, Inspera can be used in a similar way to Canvas when it comes to distance examination in pandemic times, but the system is not primarily intended for distance examination and does not solve the risks of cheating.

Do you want to create a digital exam in Inspera?

Send the request via email to tentamen@slu.se

In order to be able to take a position in each individual case, the following information is needed:

  • Desired writing date
  • Desired writing length
  • Course code
    Does the exam contain several parts?
  • Intended type of exam e.g. flip exams, calculations, open-book, traditional hall writing, etc.
  • Any aids

Feedback is provided by phone or email from the exam service.

Do you need support using Inspera?

If you have questions about the system or need support with login and the functionality of Inspera.
Contact: Inspera@slu.se

What is Inspera?

Published: 30 August 2021 -