Inspera Connections

Last changed: 05 March 2024
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Inspera's connections to other SLU systems are described here.

The integration between Ladok and Inspera

There is an integration (connection) between Ladok and Inspera that makes it possible to send certain information between the systems. For the integration to work as intended, it is important to know the order in which things must be done in the systems.

When an Activity session of the type Digital exam (LIS) or Digital re-exam (LIS) is created in Ladok, a corresponding Exam session will automatically be created in Inspera (a delay of up to five minutes may occur). This takes place via the integration between Ladok and Inspera. At the time of the event when the Activity Session is created in Ladok, the below information about the Activity Session is sent to Inspera and is also applied to the Examination Session.

  • Name of the Activity event
  • Date and time
  • Course code

For certain events that are carried out for the Activity session in Ladok, information is also sent via the integration and the Exam session is automatically updated in Inspera. Events for the Activity session in Ladok that affect the Exam session in Inspera are listed below.

  • Change of name on the Activity occasion
  • Change of date
  • Change of time
  • Student registration (only anonymization code is displayed in Inspera)
  • Cancellation by student

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