Exam management for course coordinators and course administrators

Last changed: 03 July 2023

This page contains information on exam management for SLU course coordinators and course administrators.

Exam services

To ensure secure and fair exams, the SLU exam services team strives to provide uniform procedures for registration, communication and management before, during and after each exam.

Example of services handled by Exam Services:

  • Recruiting, training and booking invigilators
  • booking rooms
  • allocating seats in examination halls
  • handling student applications for alternative exam arrangements

At present there are exam services teams on SLU campus in Alnarp and Ultuna. In Umeå all moderated written exams are at Umeå Universitet. Staff at SLU Umeå should contact the administrator at your institution to order a moderate written examination at Umeå University´s Exam Services. If you have general questions regarding routines and rules at moderated written examinations, Exam Services at SLU are available as support for all of SLU: tentamen@slu.se, 018- 67 29 00.

Moderated written examination on campus Umeå

Campus Umeå collaborate with Umeå University regarding moderated written examination.

Moderated written examination on campus Alnarp and Ultuna

Routines regarding moderated written exams and on-campus e-examinations differ. The information regarding moderated exams in association with Exam Services is therefore divided. Follow the link below for more information about each exam type.