Programme director of studies

Last changed: 06 February 2023

The duties of the programme director of studies (PSR) include being responsible for internal and external contacts relating to the degree programme, following up and preparing changes to the programme, providing study guidance to students on the programme and making decisions on "minor changes" and on specific individual student matters.

Duties (summary)

  • to follow up and develop the academic progression and quality of the programme,
  • to follow up the students' results, from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective,
  • to represent the programme both within and outside SLU,
  • to consult with appointed student representatives and with representatives of the departments concerned,
  • to draw up the programme syllabus and course schedule within the given financial parameters,
  • to decide on minor revisions to existing course syllabuses for courses within the area of responsibility,
  • to provide guidance and information for studies on the programme and to provide information about and refer students to other student services,
  • to make decisions on issues affecting individual students, such as on credit transfer.

A full description of duties can be found in the vice-chancellor's delegation of authority.