Library Council (Bir)

Last changed: 14 August 2020

Bir is a joint body for the university management, the faculties and the library.

The Library Council has the following tasks:

  • Be a joint body for the university management, faculties and library with the task of handling all strategic issues concerning the library’s activities.
  • Work for a first-class and resource-effective library service for the whole university.
  • Formulate and discuss the library’s tasks at SLU.
  • Give viewpoints on decision proposals for the chief librarian, vice-chancellor and faculty boards.
  • Submit proposals for the annual fund distribution to the library, both from common funding and from the faculty boards.
  • Regularly follow up on the library’s activities and budget.


The Library Council consists of:

  • The deputy vice-chancellor (chair)
  • The head of university administration
  • From each faculty: one member or deputy member of the faculty board, or a vice dean
  • One or more members appointed by Sluss

Faculty representatives are appointed for three years by the vice-chancellor after suggestions made by the deans. Faculty representatives take up their duties three months at the latest after the newly-elected faculty boards have taken office.

Council members 2020

Regular members

  • Karin Holmgren, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, chair
  • Dirk-Jan De Koning, VH Faculty
  • Anders Kvarnheden, NJ Faculty
  • Åsa Lankinen, LTV Faculty
  • Anders Dahlberg, S Faculty

Student representative

  • Elin Fridlund, Vice-Chair of Sluss

Alternate members

  • Maria Wisselgren, LTV Faculty for Åsa Lankinen
  • Vacant, NJ Faculty for Anders Kvarnheden
  • Christer Björkman, S Faculty for Anders Dahlberg
  • Johanna Penell, VH Faculty for Dirk-Jan De Koning


  • Linda Vidlund, SLU University Library
  • Kitte Dahrén, SLU University Library, Bir's secretary
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