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Published: 08 January 2024

We constantly try to improve our systems and update them according to the needs of the university

Text for all question types

All questions now get a field where the student can enter text comments, just like it is in Evald course evaluation.

Adjust number of students

The student list is taken from Ladok and should be correct, but sometimes the number is not correct due to e.g. study interruption. In these cases, PSR can indicate the "correct" number of students so that the response rate is correct.

From before, PSR can add students who are to do the assessment but are not in the student list for the program.

Change opening and closing dates

The PSR can itself change the opening date of the valuation, but once the valuation has been opened, the PSR can no longer change the date. The closing date is automatically set three weeks after the opening date.

Servicedesk can now, in consultation with the PSR/administrator;
- change the opening date if no student has responded to the assessment.
- change the closing date. (freely both forward and backward)

You can reach the Service Desk via extension 6600 or

Bug - Wrong order of the answer options

There was a bug that caused the answer options to be displayed in the wrong order compared to Evald course evaluation. This has now been changed so that Evald's program evaluation follows the same system that the students are used to.


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