Access card and lock-up times

Last changed: 28 August 2020

Access systems at SLU.

SLU premises are protected by an outer entry system that consist of both access cards, alarms, locks and keys.

Locks and keys are being phased out and replaced with a system using card readers, alarms, etc. The system is mainly being installed at our main sites, but also at other locations where we carry out activities.

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General information on access cards and authorisation

All employees and students have the right to a personal access card during their time at SLU. The access card should be viewed and handled as a valuable item since it largely replaces a traditional key.

Missing/lost cards must be reported immediately in order to be put out of service. The card is issued to anyone who, within their operations or studies, needs access to premises that use access systems. The card is automatically given basic authorisation for premises that require access.

Authorisation is based on where you work and which type of work or study is carried out.

We will soon be offering a joint “SLU card”, which means that only one access card will be needed within all of SLU. In addition to opening doors and controlling intrusion alarms, the card has several other functions, e.g. copying and printing.

Work with connecting further card functions is constantly evolving.

NB. Using the card to print with SLUPrint. In order to use the SLU-wide printing system SLUPrint, the card must be registered in the system and connected to the card owner/user in question.

The card owner is responsible for registration. For more help and information, contact IT support.

Your service centre can help with the most common access card issues.

Premises with alarms

Vissa utrymmen kan också vara larmade och för dessa behövs särskild be- hörighet att larma av eller på.

Om du inte har behörighet att larma av kan du inte heller larma på av misstag.

OBS! Under "Dokument" nedan finns instruktioner för att larma på och av via kortläsaren.

Borrow a card

You may only occasionally need an access card. Go to your service centre or the responsible building service to borrow one.

Lock-up procedures

Information on specific lock-up times and what applies for different premises can be found with those responsible for the operation or building.

Lock-up time at SLU’s main sites

Click on the respective site to view the lock-up schedule for entrances/buildings at each main site (only in Swedish).

Student access cards

Alla studenter tilldelas ett personligt passerkort under sin studietid på SLU. Information om studenten hämtas automatiskt från Ladok, detta innebär att endast aktiva studenter har tillträde till SLU:s lokaler. Passerkortet har fler funktioner förutom att öppna dörrar tex utskrift och kopiering. SLU Säkerhet ansvarar för funktionen passerkort & tillträde.

SLU:s lokaler är till största delen öppna under dagtid och detta kommer att gälla även i fortsättningen. För vissa utrymmen kommer dock passerkort krävas för att komma in även under dagtid. Passerkort kommer framförallt att behövas för att nyttja datasalar och liknande på kvällstid och helger.  

För att studenterna skall få ett passerkort måste de vara aktivt studerande vid SLU och registrerade i Ladok. Giltighetstiden på passerkorten är en termin i taget med en viss överlappningsperiod för registrering och administration. Med de nya passerkorten kan studenterna använda samma passerkort i Alnarp, Uppsala och Umeå.

Hur får studenterna sina passerkort?

Efter att du blivit registrerad (inskriven på en SLU kurs) i Ladok får du som ny student ett e-post meddelade om att du kan hämta ett passerkort på ortens Servicecenter.

OBS! Kontrollera att du som student är registrerad innan du ska hämta ditt passerkort. Du kan kontrollera att du är registrerad på kurser på "Mina studier " eller på startsidan på studentwebben .

  • Alnarp: Servicecenter, Alnarpsgården
  • Uppsala: Servicecenter, Ulls hus, Ultuna
  • Umeå: Servicecenter, Skogishuset
  • Skinnskatteberg: Biblioteket

Ditt närmaste Servicecenter kan hjälpa till med de vanligaste frågorna kring passerkort.

Vid uthämtning ska du visa legitimation samt skriva under en kvittens för passerkortet.

Du får ditt personliga passerkort, regler för användning, information om hur kortet fungerar samt pin-kod som hör till kortet.

Pin-koden genereras automatiskt av systemet och kan inte ändras.

Denna information skickas även till din SLU e-postadress. Vilken behörighet som studenten har på sitt passerkort är automatiskt styrt av kurskoderna i Ladok. Om det är en grupp studenter som måste ändra sin behörighet skall detta hanteras genom institutionssekreterare eller motsvarande, studenter själva kan inte begära utökad behörighet.

Lost access cards

If you lose your card, you should notify service center immediately to put it out of service.

Contact your service centre or building service to receive a new card.

When collecting your new card, you must provide identification.

Found access cards

If you find a card, email the card number as soon as possible to SLU Security to put the card out of service. If you find a card on campus, submit it to the local service centre. Otherwise, give the card to the building service organisation/facilities management office or send it to the address listed on the back of the card.

The card owner is then contacted and told where the card is. When they collect it, the card is reactivated and can be used within a few minutes.

When collecting your new card, you must provide identification.

Increased or changed access card authorisation

Varying work or study conditions can involve increasing or changing access card authorisation. If/when authorisation needs to be changed, the responsible person at the department/division (building manager, staff coordinator, department secretary, etc.) or responsible manager/head of department, must approve and request new authorisation within their service organisation/service centre. In special cases, SLU Security is responsible if the authorisation needs to be very specific or last longer than 12 months.

What is required of card users?

As a regular card user, you are mostly affected by the system when scanning your card before entering certain rooms or premises.

SLU mainly uses two types of card readers – the ones with displays and keypads (see picture above) are most common.

The other type is a keycard lock (see picture below) which does not have a display or keypad.

To open a door with a card reader, hold the card against the keypad or against the black part above the door handle for keycard locks. If you are authorised to enter the premises, the door will unlock and you can enter.

Some premises and/or certain times require that you enter your pin code (provided when you collect your card).

If/when you need to enter your pin code, the display will read “Personlig kod”. Hold the card against the keypad and enter your code. The door will then open.

Access card rules

By accepting your access card, you commit to following these rules:

  • Lending your access card to other users, or letting unauthorised visitors into SLU buildings using your card, is not allowed. The access card is to be treated as a valuable, and you as the cardholder are personally responsible for it and how it is used. Misuse may lead to SLU revoking your card which means you will be denied the right to an access card.
  • You must always show your access card to security guards or other competent SLU staff (*) when requested.
  • The personal data collected as part of this agreement will be stored digitally for SLU to identify cardholders.
  • When you have completed your studies/employment, the access card must be returned to the service centre.
  • If your card is lost or if you find a card, you must report this immediately. Contact the closest unit that issues cards, a service centre or the Security Unit. State your name and personal identity number.


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