Risk analysis

Last changed: 10 January 2022

Risk analysis is a method to quickly and efficiently identify, assess and prioritise risks and threats in the operation. The analysis compiles information from different parts of the operation in one document. The compilation thus facilitates the decision-making.

The work on risk analysis is essentially controlled by the Ordinance (1995:1300) on Risk Management for National Authorities. In broad terms, the ordinance implies that…

“Each agency shall identify the risks for damage or losses that exist in the operation of the agency. The agency shall assess the risks and calculate the costs that the State has or may have with regard to these risks. The result shall be compiled into a risk analysis.”

Each agency shall take appropriate measures to control risks and prevent damage or losses.”

SLU shall therefore

  • conduct a systematic risk management
  • have knowledge of and be able to calculate its cost of risk
  • summarise and take actions in response to the risk assessments

University Security is responsible for risk analyses within the field of security regarding the university. The risk analyses can be performed in both large and small areas and can be restricted to object, operation or geographical area. Information on the model used for operative risk analyses, can be found in the column to the right.

If/when you notice the need for a risk analysis within the area of security, please contact us for further information and for planning the implementation.