Risk analysis

Last changed: 14 June 2024

Risk analysis is a method used to quickly and efficiently identify, assess, and prioritise risks and threats within an operation. This analysis consolidates information from various parts of the operation into a single document, thereby facilitating informed decision-making.

SLU has an obligation to:

  • conduct systematic risk management;
  • know and be able to calculate the cost of risk;
  • compile and implement measures resulting from risk analyses.

The Security Unit is responsible for risk analyses relating to security. Risk analyses can cover both large and small areas and can be limited to a specific subject, activity or geographical area. Contact the Security Unit for more information.

The work with risk analyses is mainly governed by the Ordinance (1995:1300) on the risk management of public authorities.

In broad terms, the ordinance requires all authorities to:

  • identify risks of damage or loss in the authority's operations;
  • assess the risks and calculate the costs the government has or may have with regard to these risks;
  • summarise the information in a risk analysis;
  • take appropriate measures to mitigate risks and prevent damage or loss.