Names and naming principles

Last changed: 02 February 2024

It is important to use the university's name correctly, and organisational names should be consistent and uniform. In all external communication, it must also be clear when an organisation is part of SLU.

SLU in Swedish and English

The university's full name in Swedish is:

  • Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

In English, the full name is:

  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

The abbreviation SLU can be used in both languages, provided it is expanded the first time it is used. If a text is strictly for in-house use, explaining SLU is usually not necessary.

Do not use the abbreviation SUAS in English.

SLU in other languages

  • Finnish: Ruotsin maatalousyliopisto
  • French: Université suédoise des sciences de l'agriculture
  • German: Schwedische Universität für Agrarwissenschaften
  • Spanish: Universidad de Ciencias Agrícolas de Suecia

Do not use the English abbreviation SUAS.

Organisational names

Organisational names within SLU should be consistent and uniform. 

When deciding on the English name for a new unit, check to see how similar names, or names for similar units, have been constructed. 

Names should be clear and understandable, above all for the recipient. Starting with a witty acronym and trying to find a name that fits it is rarely a good method, and can cause problems in searches.

All organisational names should include the abbreviation SLU, to make it clear that something is part of the university organisation. The only exception is the names of faculties, departments and the university administration in in-house texts. 

There is a register of SLU brand names, in Swedish and English.

SLU sites

Always give both the university name and the site name if you are referring to activities at one particular campus.

  • SLU Alnarp
  • SLU Umeå
  • SLU Uppsala

Use the correct name for scientific publishing

When publishing in scientific journals, it is particularly important to use the university's complete and correct name. The reason for this is that some research grants are calculated based on the number of articles published. If articles are published under an incorrect name, they will not be attributed to SLU.