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Our logotype

The logotype is the symbol of our brand. It is the primary carrier of our identity and the values we stand for. It must always be used when SLU is the sender.

Get the logotype in its basic form

The primary form to use is colour (red and green) against a white background. When this is not possible, a black or white logotype can be used. Choose the version, white or black, that offers the best contrast. If the background is chequered or multicoloured, a logotype on a white plate can be used. 

The logotype may not be changed, distorted och combined with other symbols or badges. 

Umbrella with SLU's colours. Illustration.

SLU as the sender

The parent brand SLU is the umbrella that covers all of the university’s organisations. SLU should primarily stand as a single brand, making the logo the clear overall sender.

All activities and parts of the organisation should have descriptive names. No individual organisation logos are permitted. The first time the university’s name is used in copy, it is always spelled out – the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU. After that you can use the abbreviation SLU.

In some cases the recipient may need to know what part of the organisation is the sender. In such cases our logo is used with the organisation name as described in the visual identity guide.


A image wirh examples on how to use the international logotype for SLU in collaborations.

Logo in collaboration with others

When SLU is the sender along with other organisations, agencies or businesses, use the basic design logo for Swedish contexts. In international contexts we use the logo with the name in English.


Image of logotype with outwritten name in SLU:s Word template.

Logo for documents

This logo, with the university name printed in two languages, allows you to add a specific sender in the organisation under the line. It is used in more formal documents, such as internal governing documents, certificates and letters.

Our Word templates contain this logo in the page header with space to add the specific sender.

Our logo since 1996

SLU’s logo was designed by royal calligrapher Lars Laurentii and came into use on 1 January 1996. The red and green colours represent nature and life. The symbol is non-figurative and can be interpreted in many ways.


Published: 24 September 2021 - Page editor: varumarke@slu.se