When do we need two language versions?

Last changed: 03 January 2024

At SLU, we use Swedish and English in parallel. This does not mean that everything needs to be available in both languages. The information on this page will help you determine if your document needs to be translated.

The following must be available in Swedish

  1. All information that the university is obligated to produce according to administrative legislation.

  2. Legally binding documents. Agreements where one of the parties does not understand Swedish may be drafted in English.

  3. Decisions. A decision can also be bilingual.

  4. Information on SLU's administrative procedures and processes.

  5. Job ads. These can be published either in Swedish or in Swedish and English, but not in English only.

Must be available in Swedish and English

  1. Information where the target group is all SLU staff or all SLU students.

  2. Information where all or parts of the target group do not master both languages. In these cases, the information should be made available in both languages in one of following ways:
    - Translation of the entire text.
    - Translation of a summary of the text.
    - Providing the same information in another way, orally or in writing.

  3. Names of organisational units. When a decision is taken to establish a new unit, the name of the unit must be established at the same time, in both languages.

  4. Names of degree programmes and courses.

  5. Programme and course syllabuses, at all levels.

  6. Abstracts for licentiate and doctoral theses.

In all other cases, the target group and purpose of a text determine what language versions are needed.

As you need to know the target group to determine this, it is up to the person producing a document to decide whether it should be translated. You are welcome to contact the language coordinator for advice if needed.

Shorter documents intended for all staff/all students can usually be translated in-house. For other translation needs, there is a national framework agreement for language services. Read more about how to order a translation.

The validity of language versions

When legally binding documents and SLU's own governing documents are translated, the Swedish version is the official version.

If a text adopted in Swedish is translated, it must be made clear that only the Swedish text if legally valid. In governing documents, this is done by adding the phrase "This document is a translation. The official version is in Swedish." to the page header.