Choosing music that matches the brand

Last changed: 27 February 2024

Here you will find recommendations on how to choose music and sounds when producing videos and podcasts in relation to the brand guidelines.

Consider this:

  • Choose music depending on which impression you want to make. Do you want something positive, active, modern or catchy? Pick something that helps to create this.
  • Which target group do you want to reach? Does your music appeal to them? Try the music on someone in your target group and ask for their opinion.
  • Make sure that the overall impression of your product matches SLU's personality and the image and video policy.

In most cases modern and positive, instrumental upbeat music works well.

We have bought some songs that we believe goes well with SLU's personality and the image and video policy. These songs can be used in live and online events, for videos, podcasts and such, as long as SLU is the sender of the material and as long as the name of the copyright holder is written out. These songs can also work as a mood board when making music choices. Do you want to get access to this material? Contact the picture editor.