Target group-adapted manual

Last changed: 06 September 2021

We communicate daily with multiple target groups in a wide range of contexts, so it is extra important to give a uniform image of SLU and the values we represent. At the same time, we must adapt our language and tone to the target group and the channel.

With SLU's brand identity manual as your guide, you can tailor manuals to a specific target group. This is a practical tool in your daily work, with a more targeted message and choice of images.

Communication manual for SLU’s student recruiting

Cover of SLU's communikation guidelines for student recruitment.

SLU has developed a target group-adapted manual for those who recruit students. It is used in developing social media campaigns, producing innovative ambassador videos, arranging events on campus and so on.


Communication manual for SLU University Animal Hospital (UDS)

Front page brand manual UDS

Even UDS has a target group-adapted manual so they can communicate with a united image of their work and aims. The manual is an important tool when producing prints, film or campaignes for social media.


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Division of Communication