Business cards and other printed material for the office

Last changed: 16 April 2024

Business cards, correspondence cards and envelopes can all be ordered in Proceedo.

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Business cards

Printed text on the front in either Swedish or English. On the back, you can choose one image from a pre-selected range. No space for an image or QR code.

Size: 90 x 55 mm
Paper: Colotech 300 g

Image of your own choice or QR code on back

Please contact the Layout and Print Services Unit. The image should have a resolution of 300 dpi.


Speaker cards

SLU's speaker cards are available in sizes A5 and A6, with a printed front and a space to add your script on the back. Order your cards via

Correspondence cards and envelopes 

You can also order correspondence cards and envelopes in Proceedo.


SLU's official stamp with logo and business information on one or more rows. The price depends on the length of the text. Order via


Layout and Print Services Unit
Division of Infrastructure (Infra), SLU Services

Alnarp: +46(0) 40-41 50 09
Ultuna och övriga orter: +46(0) 18-67 27 88