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Visual media

How can you use visual media to lift your message? Perhaps you should consider using video to illustrate your field of work? Do you want to shoot the pictures yourself? Budget, limitations in time and area of use are all factors that affect your decision, and there are multiple solutions to choose from depending on your level of ambition.

Four pictures grouped together: A portrait of a student in front of a green wall, a group of students exporing ground vegetation, a woman with a cat on her shoulder and the SLU image collage.

Image and video policy – guidelines for visual content

Visual media are used to illustrate activities at the university, but also to show that SLU makes the world a better place. We want to communicate liveliness, commitment and activity. The choice of image has to reflect our diversity. Our aim is to use authentic images. Use images that challenge the traditional perception of our activities. Our images have to be up-to-date and of high aesthetic and technical quality.

There are also six value words to use as a guide when you analyse image material: Authenticity/credibility, liveliness, diversity/variation, hope, commitment and modern.

Our image collages

SLU has a number of unique image collages that make our communications stand out and create recognition. In the vast majority of cases, the details in the collages are authentic photos from our activities. Read more about our image collages and how to use them.

Picture of a green video icon.

Do you produce video material?

Here you'll find tricks and guidelines related to video, audio, accessibility, branding, storage and much more.

The picture shows examples of SLU's illustrations, icons and info graphics components.

Useful illustrations, icons, pictograms, lines and arrows

Our illustrations of relevant motifs linked to our activities are useful tools to help communicate the university's characteristics. There are also icons, pictograms, lines and arrows, which can all be combined to create effective infographics.

The SLU Media Bank

Pictures of activities, campuses and people and illustrations of various SLU topics.

Collage of pictures of different activities within SLU.

Hire a Photographer

Sometimes you need someone to visually describe an event or activity in a professional way.

Hire a media producer

There are different alternatives depending on the budget, target group and level of ambition.

Buy pictures, illustrations or video clips

There are a lot of different stock picture suppliers to choose from, some of the specialized in different kinds of picture and video material.

Guidelines regarding visual media

There are a few things to keep in mind when producing or using visual media, such as legal requirements, GDPR, equal opportunities and the SLU image and videopolicy.

You can contribute

We would love to get your pictures of research activities; close-ups, long shots, shots taken with microscope, in short any images that help to bring alive and illustrate university activities.

Picture of an icon showing the sillhuette of three people.

GDPR and the use of photos and videos

At SLU we collect large amounts of personal data in the form of photos and videos, along with related information such as first name, surname and department/workplace/type of studies. This material is used to inform the public about SLU, and to increase interest in SLU’s activities, courses and programmes.

More about GDPR and how it affects communication

Published: 27 February 2024 - Page editor: bild@slu.se