Some examples – visual identity

Last changed: 20 February 2024

This is what SLU's communications material can look like.

Photo of green foliage and girl reading in kombination with illustrations and a map of Sweden.

From SLU’s Powerpoint presentation. You will find the whole presentation at the SLU webpage for information material.

Collage by the entrance

Collage with SLU:s colors and illustrations in Umeå. Read more about SLU´s profiling walls here.

Image of a mobile screen that shows SLU's adverts on Facebook.

Carousel advert for the Master’s programme Food and Landscape. This ad ran during the international admissions period.


The illustration shows two examples of infographic used to explain a forestfire and also on the website.

Example of an infographic and SLU’s strategy online.

Two images taken from SLU's videos using illustrations.

Examples from the video SLU is you, where our illustrations were used in animations.


Example of a green page with infographics.

From the Powerpoint presentation.


The image shows five examples of digital use of a specific visual identity with black illustrations of different species on blue background.

The SLU Swedish Species Information Centre profiles itself based on SLU’s visual identity along with a pattern of their own illustrations. This creates clear recognition and fits in with SLU’s other communications.

Top: The pattern used in the Species Observation System page header and image button in Episerver. Bottom: Image from a video from the Species Identification website and example of a banner from the launch of the Species Identification website. 


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