Legal requirements and guidelines

Last changed: 02 February 2024
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Communication is subject to many regulations and legal requirements. As a public authority, it goes without saying that we must comply with them all. There are laws regulating things like what images we can use, how we process personal data and the language used in the public sector. To facilitate this, we have listed all the laws that affect our fields of activity.

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Style guide

We also have guidelines to follow. Consistent language facilitates communication and increases trust in the sender. Just as we have a visual identity that tells us what colours and fonts we use, we also have a linguistic identity in the form of a style guide.

A parallel-language university

SLU is a parallel-language university – we use both Swedish and English. This means that much of the information we produce must be translated. The staff web has information on guidelines, tips and the help available when you need a translation.

The Web Accessibility Directive

The Web Accessibility Directive has been into effect in Sweden and all EU countries as of 23 September 2018. The law affects the public sector and national and municipal businesses that meet certain requirements. It states that websites, extranets, intranets, documents and apps must meet the requirement of accessibility in the EN301549 standard.


The Legal Affairs Unit can be reached at

For questions on personal data, GDPR and related issues, please contact

Personal data breaches must be reported through the IA system.