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Adapted communication

Who is your target group and what message do you want to convey? Use images that express commitment, optimism and forward thinking to talk about your organisation. Adapt images and messages to ensure that your target group understands, feels and does what you want. SLU’s image collage is used as a unifying framing and can usefully be combined with pictures from your organisational unit, adapted to the occasion and target group.

Overall level

At the overall level, we describe our activities in general, with messages and images that show the entirety and breadth of the university. There is a lot of existing material to borrow and use for exhibition materials, Powerpoint presentations, brochures and so on. Show an overall picture through contrasts and extremes, such as pictures of city and country, or laboratory and nature.

Organisation level

At organisation level, a portion of SLU is highlighted for a specific target group. The main message and choice of images are adapted to the target group.

branded exampel, green with photo of student


When you create a promotion or communicate about a special event, such as an anniversary: formulate a brief, clear message, choose a powerful image that recurs in all materials and use a colour that stands out. This creates recognition and reaches a specific target group.

Published: 20 February 2024 - Page editor: varumarke@slu.se