Equal opportunities in images

Last changed: 26 November 2019

SLU has an action plan for equal opportunities work. This should also be reflected in the images we use.

There are a few things you should think about:

  • We are a leading university both nationally and internationally in our fields, and images should reflect this.
  • Whenever possible, make sure images of researchers reflect diversity by including people of varying age, gender and background.
  • Whenever possible, make sure images of students reflect diversity by including people of varying age, gender and with national or international background.
  • Do not depict people in a way that contradicts their faith, religion or other conviction.
  • Images should show all staff and students in the same way - do not fall into the trap of picturing men at work looking serious and professional, while women are presented in a softer context, smiling, at home or with children.

SLU's objectives for staff and students

  • Our students and employees have a work environment and working conditions that are among the most attractive.
  • The organisation functions well, has distinct leadership and uses resources efficiently.
  • Gender equality and diversity perspectives have a strong position throughout operations.
  • Employees and students are our best ambassadors. 

(Extract from the strategic objectives for SLU)

The vision for our equal opportunities work

All employees, students and applicants should feel welcome and be treated equally regardless of gender, sexual orientation, transgender identity or expression, disability, ethnic origin, religion, other belief or age.

Our equal opportunities work includes all staff and students and should be a joint effort between employer and employees as well as between the university and the students' unions.