Last changed: 25 November 2020

If we use typography in a consistent manner, it will strengthen the SLU brand and make our communication clearer.

Things are constantly developing,  and all the new channels and media do not always give you the opportunity to control which fonts are to be used. But if you have the opportunity to control the choice of fonts, use the fonts that most resemble those mentioned below if these are not accessible.

For documents, reports and theses

For practical, technical and financial reasons, we use Times New Roman and Arial in the materials that we create in any of the Office programmes, for example a Powerpoint presentation or a Word document. If you are writing a thesis, you should also use these fonts.

Font licences

Times New Roman and Arial are standard fonts in all computers. They are available for everyone, both for those creating Office documents and for those receiving them. They are also easy to use.

Our websites

In order to be able to easily use the web fonts other than on slu.se, we use Oswald, Roboto, Roboto Condensed for headlines, introductions, buttons and so on.The body text is in the font Merriweather. You'll find them on the web on services like Google Fonts and Fontsquirrel.

Font licences

The web fonts are free to download and use.

Print media, signs, letters, certificates, promotional products etc.

For these products we use the fonts Bembo for body text and Akzidenz Grotesk as headline which offer a more pronounced profile. This strengthens the character of our information and marketing material.

Font licences

In order to use Bembo and Akzidenz Grotesk, you need a special licence. For employees at SLU working with communication of any kind, SLU has licences OpenType format. If, for example, you belong to the Division of Communication, work with advertising, print degree certificates or work with production of print media or film, you should have these licences. If you do not already have them installed on your computer, you can apply for them here: https://internt.slu.se/en/support-services/administrative-support/communication/identity-profile/brand-visual-identity/fonts/ordering-fonts/

Suppliers who produce marketing material or print media for SLU on assignment from us should also use these fonts. They will, however, have to buy their own licences.


In order to use Bembo and Akzidenz Grotesk you need a special licence. As an employee at SLU  working with communication of any kind, SLU has OpenType licences. Apply to get them installed.

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