Vision, brand values etc

Last changed: 04 December 2023

SLU’s brand is the thoughts, feelings and associations created in the minds of those who hear about or come into contact with us. We have great potential to influence people’s perception of SLU by creating a common understanding of what we want to be and how we will interact with others.

Our brand is a way of humanising and embodying our soul and character. Just like a person, an organisation is composed of a set of qualities, values and ambitions.

A brand consists of several components. Using them together is what creates our identity. We cannot extract certain parts; this will make our identity incomplete. An organisation’s identity is complex and intricate, but also logical because its parts are in harmony.

SLU’s brand consists of:

Brand values – our driving force and our principles

Our brand values

Our brand values are the essence of the brand, our soul and our motivation. They are guiding stars and principles for everything we do and communicate.

SLU has three brand values:

Putting science to the test

We dare to question established knowledge through critical thinking and an open, inquiring perspective.

Solving real problems

We seek solutions to critical problems, in theory and in practice. Our focus is on the real world and concrete problems, and on finding solutions for all life on our planet.

For a thriving world

We ask the big questions about nature, animals and life itself. Our knowledge forms the foundation of a sustainable, thriving and better world.

The brand values can be used in copy, either word for word or adapted to the target group.

Values for SLU – our culture

Values for SLU

The values for SLU describe how we behave towards each other. They define our culture and the norms that determine how we act in certain situations.

Scientific approach

The free search for new knowledge is the core of a university’s activities. At SLU we cherish scientific integrity and good research practice.


Generating new knowledge demands creative thinking and the challenging of entrenched ideas. At SLU, we are convinced of the importance of establishing a creative environment, which benefits from openness, freedom within clear guidelines, playfulness and making the most of differences.


Collaborating with others, internally and externally, at national and international levels, and being part of a community are essential for success in an organisation with large elements of individuality and academic freedom. Curiosity about the world, inclusive communication and accessibility characterise everything we do at SLU.


The motivation of individuals and groups, along with the desire to advance and achieve good results, are key to the university’s success. We are all each other’s work environment. By remaining considerate and responsible for our actions, we can all enjoy and feel commitment to our work.

Vision – our long-term goals

Our vision

The vision answers the questions:

  • Where are we headed?
  • What is our long-term goal?

Our vision is:

SLU plays a key role in development for sustainable life, based on science and education.

Position – what makes us strong in relation to others

Our position

Our position describes our approach to other actors in our arena – primarily universities, but also others who provide services in research, education and environmental monitoring and assessment.

Our position is:

The university that improves the world.

SLU is not alone in its desire to work for a sustainable future. But few can actually compete with us in this field. We not only have the knowledge to create a better world, we also have the will and strength to do it, thanks to our commitment, our focus on applications and our national and international collaborations.

Our focus stretches beyond the sustainability concept, because we don’t just want to create stability and long life, we also want to improve and enhance.

Mission statement – what we do

Our mission statement

Our mission statement describes what we do and what is included in our operations.

Our mission statement is:

SLU conducts education, research and environmental monitoring and assessment in collaboration with society at large.

Through our focus on the interaction between humans, animals and ecosystems and the responsible use of natural resources, we contribute to sustainable societal development and good living conditions on our planet.

Brand promise – our offer

Our brand promise

Our brand promise is the concrete offer to our target groups and what they can expect from SLU. Our brand promise is a condensed version of all the parts of the brand.

Our brand promise is:

Science and Education for Sustainable Life

We have formulated our brand promise in English to show that we act in a global arena and we want to attract international target groups.

Personality – our human characteristics

Our personality

Just as people have unique characteristics, so do organisations. To appeal to our target groups, we cannot simply convey what we are, but also what we are like. These characteristics make up our personality. SLU is a global, modern, relevant, creative and responsible university.

We are global

… because we work in an international arena and see the world as a single whole. We create the conditions for a sustainable, thriving, better world.

We are modern

… because we understand the times we live in and we spearhead development in several fields in the life and environmental sciences.

We are relevant

… because we seek solutions to vital problems.

We are creative

… because we seek new solutions to the big challenges with an inquisitive, open perspective.

We take responsibility

… for our own actions and for developing and sharing the knowledge the world needs for a sustainable future.

The description of our personality is not to be used verbatim in writing.


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