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Last changed: 09 September 2021
First slide of the SLU powerpoint-templet shown at the aula in Uppsala.

In addition to pictures of our activities, we have unique image collages, which make our communications stand out and create recognition. The image collages are intended to serve as overall framing and to give a modern, creative feel. As much as possible, the details in the collages should be authentic photos from our activities.

The image collages do not replace factual images. They should be used in for example in a overall presentation of SLU. The collages are meant to be used as a an overall framework, and can be used for print media, as large background pictures on the web’s start page, as an introduction or as an ending for PowerPoint presentations and so on. We can also highlight parts of the collages for use in different ways to create recognition.

Versions of the image collages

There are some versions of the image collages designed for specific purposes and levels of the operations. Choose the collages or shot that best suits your organisation.

Overall image collage

Image SLU's main profiling collage
Image of SLU's main profiling collage.

Organisation-specific image collages

Authentic details

The details in the collages are in most cases authentic pictures from different  SLU activities. Here are some examples:

The picture shows methanogens that cling to the roots of a rice plant and comes from the Department of Plant Biology This research has led to the development of a climate-friendly rice that nearly eliminates the production of the greenhouse gas methane during cultivation.
Picture of a cross section of a small pine branch, taken with a light microscope. The material is tinted to increase the contrast. To understand how plants work we need to know about their inner structures. This is an example of material used within education in plant biology at the Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Science at SLU in Alnarp.
A CT scan picture of an owl, taken at the Diagnostic Imaging Clinic at the SLU University Animal Hospital in Uppsala. Apart from their daily work with both small and large animals the Diagnostic Imaging Clinic also assist in research projects and collaborations with for example The Swedish Wildlife Damage Centre.
Picture from forest remote sensing through laser scanning with drones, at the Department of Forest Resource Management.

Sections of the collages

By using sections of the image collages, we can enhance SLU’s expression in various ways and tie our communications together.

The whole image

Example of how the SLU profile collage in its hole can be used.

Use the whole image collage to show the university’s breadth and entirety. Used for example on homepages, cover pages and trade fair materials, where the collage can be the message bearer.

Decor image

Example of how a section of the SLU’s profile collage can be used.

Use a small section of the collage to create various types of decoration. Works well with short blocks of text.


Example of how a detail in the SLU’s profile collage can be used as a pattern.

Use a zoomed-in detail of the collage to create a pattern. Ideal for use in a smaller space in addition to photos of activities.

Texture with colour

Example of how a detail of the SLU’s profile collage can be used together with a color from our color palette.

Use one of the palette colours on a zoomed-in detail or pattern to create a more uniform background or better legibility when you want to have writing on the collage. This is an example with the colour chlorophyll on a textured background.

Tip: You can download ready-made textured colour blocks in the internal media bank under the heading Promotional.


The image collages are designed by SLU’s image editor Jenny Svennås-Gillner.


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Division of Communication, SLU
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