Social media profiling

Last changed: 24 October 2023

Social media is an important channel for dialogue and networking. SLU must always be the clear sender for accounts connected to our university, regardless of whether the accounts are for the whole university or parts of it.


Social media is not one single tool. Social media consists of a myriad of websites and mobile applications for different uses, with user accounts and related user profiles as a common feature. The user profile shows who the user is. It usually consists of a user name, a handle, a cover picture, a profile picture and a biography.

SLU must always be the clear sender for accounts connected to our organisation, regardless of if the accounts are for the whole organisation or parts of it. The user profile must also include a reference to the external web, or, in cases where the target audience is internal, a reference to the staff web.

User name and handle should be the same as the organisational name. The user name and handle will be shown in the user profile as well as in posts from the account.

The profile picture must always be the SLU logotype. It must not be replaced by any picture.

Compose a biography with support of the SLU main messages.

Choose a cover picture that expresses commitment, optimism and a forward spirit. Here you have the chance to showcase SLU.

Before you create an account on social media, please read the guidelines for social media (Swedish only).