Folded leaflet (InDesign)

Last changed: 12 February 2024

This is a template for a small folded leaflet with an extra folded part (165 x 148.5 mm). The leaflet is intended for brief information and has space for images. There are several design options for the cover in the template layers.

The template can be downloaded from the SLU media bank. Please click on "Hämta fil" in the upper right corner of the page.

For advanced InDesign users

The InDesign templates are in Swedish and are mainly intended for advanced users familiar with the software. To use the templates, you need to have the latest version of Adobe InDesign. Please note that the InDesign templates use the typefaces Akzidenz Grotesk and Bembo. More about our typefaces and how to access them.

For those unfamiliar with InDesign, the Layout and Print Services Unit can help produce a customised poster. 


The templates are intended for printed materials. If you want to publish a pdf version of the folder, you need to adapt its accessibility. The checklist below will help you do that. Another option is to publish the context of the poster directly on a web page.

PDF accessibility checklists for Indesign

If you want to publish a pdf of a report or leaflet, you need to create an accessible pdf. The checklists guide you through the steps to achieve this. The checklists are intended to be used with documents created using the SLU Indesign template for reports and leaflets. The checklists are in Swedish.

Tip: If you need to publish a pdf of e.g. a poster that is not accessible, save the poster as an image and publish it with a descriptive alt text.


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