Local framework agreement for communication services

Last changed: 01 July 2022

SLU’s framework agreement for communication services comprises two different service areas and includes three ranked suppliers. Depending on the service needed, call-off orders should either be made according to the ranking, or through renewed competition (FKU), where all suppliers compete with their estimates.

Service areas

The agreement comprises the following areas:

  • Conceptual communication

  • Content production

Call-off model

The new call-off model means that orders over SEK 40,000 are subject to re-opened competition).

Orders up to SEK 40,000 must be ordered in accordance with the ranking. The person ordering must give the first-ranked supplier an appropriate amount of time to accept the order. If they cannot accept it, the request must pass to the next on the list and so forth.

Re-opened competition applies to orders over SEK 40,000. When a call-off is made through re-opened competition, it means that the buyer invites all suppliers to submit tenders again in accordance with the framework agreement conditions.

Strategic briefs can be used to collect feedback from the suppliers regarding how a service should be designed. All suppliers must be compensated for their time in connection with such assignments.

Learn more about call-offs and the selection criteria that can be used for re-opened competition in Proceedo.

Re-opened competition template

When using re-opened competition for communication services, use this template (only in Swedish).


Note that you must make all orders in Proceedo (in accordance with the call-off model).

  1. First-ranked supplier: Advant Produktionsbyrå AB
    Contact: Linda Jonsson
    Phone: 076-145 18 11
    Email: linda@advant.se

  2. Second-ranked supplier: Södra Tornet Kommunikation AB
    Contact: Jonas Pertoft
    Phone: 018-474 86 01
    Email: jonas@sodratornet.se

  3. Third-ranked supplier: Zellout
    Contact: Joakim Leo
    Phone: 070-999 65 55
    Email: joakim@zellout.se


The agreement applies as of 1 July 2021 until 30 June 2022.

The framework agreement for communication services (SLU ID 2017.2.4.4-4118) has been extended for another year and applies as of 1 July 2021 until 30 June 2022. A new procurement process will start in the autumn of 2021.